Blossom Watch 2021 – Dealing with frosty mornings

It’s the official launch of Blossom Watch 2021! We have had warmer spring so the buds are starting to pop a little sooner then normal. This means we expect the blossoms will also come a bit sooner in May.

We have been watching the weather reports closely. They were calling for below zero temps and snow overnight. Frost can be devastating to apple tree during the budding season, so last night our owner, Tom Wilson, sprayed the trees with molasses to help protect them from the cold temperatures.

This is a technique we have used for a few years. The thinking being that the molasses would prevent ice crystals from forming on the blossoms.  Some of the solution is taken into the vines & increases the concentration of solids, thus acts as a type of antifreeze as well.  Spraying the solution is believed to provide about a 2 degrees C span of protection.  The protection last for 2-3 days after which the molasses degrades to act as a nutrient for the tree.

Crossing our fingers!